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Increase Revenue, Improve Loyalty, and Deliver Exceptional Service

Live chat software provides an easy and effective way to engage a customer in the purchase process or when they need assistance solving an issue. With Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service, agents can always guide your customers to the best answers and outcomes. Sessions can be initiated by a customer or proactively based on company-defined rules and triggers. Resolve issues with higher productivity, increase conversion rates and boost satisfaction.

The benefits of Live Chat are as follows:

  • Real-Time Chat

    • Enhance the online experience by providing real-time, text-based communication between the agent and customer, as well as agent to agent
  • Proactive Chat

    • Chat invitations can be proactively initiated based on built-in rules, such as length of time a customer has spent on a web page, chat agent availability, and estimated wait time
  • Any Device

    • Provides interactive customer support across multiple devices, from PCs to smartphones and any device that can access the web
  • Information Access in Queue

    • Chat can leverage the knowledge base, allowing customers to search for answers while waiting for an agent, and allowing agents to search for answers and push those answers to the customer
  • Automatic Reconnection

    • If the consumer’s Internet connection is lost during a chat, they are reconnected to the same agent, exactly where the chat left off. If the agent is disconnected, the customer is placed back into the queue without losing any session information
  • Chat Wait Time

    • Customers are kept informed of their place in the queue, the average wait time for the queue, and their individual expected wait time
  • Answer Feedback for Chat

    • Surveys following chat sessions give customers the opportunity to provide immediate feedback
  • File Attachments in Chat

    • Customers can send file attachments to the agent during a chat session to provide additional information, resulting in increased first contact resolution
    • Attachments will be automatically stored with the chat transcript in the customer’s incident record
    • Agents can send files to customers by pushing links to the knowledge base article containing the file
  • PCI Compliance

    • Chat allows customers to send sensitive data such as social security or credit card numbers in an “off the record” format that will not be stored in the chat transcript
  • Intelligent Knowledge Base

    • Knowledge base answers are presented to customers in the form of suggested solutions based on content analysis of the customer’s inquiry