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Creatio Unified CRM and BPM

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Unified CRM with intelligent solutions for marketing, sales and service built on one platform to streamline customer journeys. It is designed to be unified from day 1 and is not a bolted CRM solution.

Orchestrate processes across teams and applications on a single CRM platform to accelerate organizational alignment on and better connect with digital native customers.

Namu Travel Group accelerates with Creatio

"The most important feature is flexibility and process. We have seasons within seasons and we need to make changes on the fly in order to keep production going"

"The top 3 benefits are: - We are reaching to clients a lot faster and getting a faster response rate. - We can deliver a product faster to customers - We reduce the number of days customers are in the funnel from 10 days to 6.8 days and that is huge!"

"The flexibility and process enables us to make changes in 10 mins when needed by top executives and still keep production going"

Daniel Myers, Process Specialist

Creatio the agile and process-driven CRM vs Traditional CRM

Creatio is the new process driven and intelligent CRM that was created as a powerful low-code platform to accelerate ongoing transformation of your business.

Creatio's low code platform allows you to design your processes to support your customer journey and orchestrate processes across teams and applications on a single CRM platform to accelerate organisational alignment and better connect with digital native customers.

Health e(fx) leverages Creatio to accelerate sales and customer service

We needed to replace our siloed system with a full end to end solution handling Marketing, Sales and Service

"Reduce total operating costs by 30% with Creatio's workflow to be able to work efficiently across teams"

"We have better case turnaround and clients appreciate that"

Abby Marten, Director of Process Management

Accelerate adoption with combinations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with leading UX.

Today is the time when each and every business is able to take advantage of the AI technologies. Creatio enables companies to swiftly adopt and start running AI-charged tools in all sectors of their businesses today.

AI for Marketing

Lead scoring . AI tool is analyzing the sales and marketing database to study how the perfect client “looks like”. Contacts that have characteristics of a “successful” lead will get a higher score.

AI-powered segmentation engine uses different analytical capabilities like behavioral tracking and predictive analytics to detect the most suitable customer groups.


Creatio Marketing

 AI for Sales

Predictive next best offer/best action  based on historical data to recognize actions that are most likely to lead to conversion to sales. This results in a higher close rate of deals and an increased revenue.

Intelligent process analysis/optimization allows for running tests on potential changes and see which will have the best outcome. Adoption of intelligent process analysis enables faster and more reliable processes optimization; improvement in sales team performance; improved process adherence by sales reps; and greater revenue attainment.

Creatio Sales

AI for Service

Smarter knowledge management  AI tools based on deep learning and natural language processing helps customer-facing experiences and also help service teams find answers to questions faster and more effectively as well.

Intelligent case routing and process management Machine learning and natural language processing, as well as sentiment analysis and predictive modeling, incoming emails, support tickets, chats, and similar service interactions, will be able to be read, understood, routed, and escalated automatically.

Creatio Service

Praxi partners with creatio to accelerate customer relationship

"We shortlisted 10 products and only 1 vendor offers a complete CRM product that can be counted on for today and the future. The product has the highest technology available in the market today. We didnt chose those big names with expensive solutions."

"we used to spend 2 years configuring and gathering data on the previous CRM the previous system and training personnel spending millions of dollars. With Creatio's low code and flexible CRM, it took us weeks to 2 months. Its friendly and easy to use"

Flavio Manfredi Lebrao, CEO

Creatio is award winning CRM and BPM and is recognised by analyst as a Leader in Marketing, Sales , Service CRM, Process Automation, Dynamic Case Management

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Creatio is the award winning CRM packed with features and functionalities but surprising affordable than most big named CRMs

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