About Us

MFE was an Ellite partner of Interactive Intelligence Inc. for implementation of their 2 core products - Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) and PureCloud.

In 2016, Interactive Intelligence was acquired by Genesys and PureCloud is now Genesys Cloud.

MFE International is a Genesys Gold Partner and have more than 30 Genesys Cloud (PureCloud) implementations across Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia,Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Many customer choose MFE International for our PureCloud certified and highly skilled and experienced consultants, well structured and mature implementation services and very reasonable fees.

MFE International is a business consultancy firm specialising in Customer Experience Management. MFE has been in operation since 2002. The integrity and professional competence of our consultants are the cornerstones of our business. We work hard to meet our clients’ expectations and earn their trust and confidence.

Our Vision

MFE aspires to be the preferred partner of our clients in their customer experience journey

Our Mission

MFE provides professional services to our clients in the most productive manner to meet their needs and to help their businesses achieve higher performance and sustained improvement

Our Partners