Not all Cloud contact centres are the same

The Genesys Cloud platform is full packed with features and offer unparalleled security , reliability and consistent experience no matter how your customer contacts you

A Cloud contact centre that is a true omnichannel customer service platform

The Genesys™ PureCloud™ platform (now renamed Genesys Cloud) was built from the ground up to leverage the vast benefits of the cloud. It simplifies the way you manage customer relationships, handling all your inbound and outbound interactions in a single tool across voice, chat, email, social and messaging. Give your business a complete customer engagement and communication solution so you can provide great customer experience and better engage your employees.

A Cloud contact center not just for calls but with all other essentials

Traditional call centers only had to provide customer support by phone. Today, contact centers need to handle much more than phone calls. Customers also want support on your website, social media channels or app.

A simple phone system won’t cut it anymore. You need to be ready to respond in real time on your customers’ channels of choice.

For that, you need cloud-based call center software with all the essentials built in. This includes inbound and outbound, from call routing and IVR to email, chat, social media, messaging, screen share, self-service options, workforce optimization, analytics, and easy ways to connect your other business systems. Genesys has you covered for all the ways you want to connect with customers.

A Cloud contact center that is secure and reliable

Rest easy with a modern SaaS platform built for security and resiliency

You get a multi-tenant, microservices-based architecture you can trust — with the scale, flexibility and security you need.

A secure platform that makes it easy to sleep at night

Know that your data is safe. Our dedicated team of security and privacy experts works hard to keep you protected from threats. The Genesys Cloud platform maintains strong encryption, logical isolation, stringent multi-tenant security standards and key industry certifications, so you can comply with regulations — no matter your industry or location.

Not just any cloud contact center - PureCloud uses microservices

Other older cloud applications use a monolithic architecture. Even though these legacy apps can serve multiple tenants, they’re built as a large and cumbersome set of highly interdependent components. A failure in one component can have devastating impact on another component, resulting in service outages for many or all tenants.

With PureCloud microservices, they operate independently, a problem with one microservice cannot affect the other, which greatly limits the potential for problems. For example, three separate microservices handle voice mail retrieval, outbound faxing, and routing incoming customer calls. If the voice mail retrieval microservice fails, the incoming customer calls microservice continues to function without interruption.

Not just any contact centre- you get weekly updates without impacting your services

In other cloud contact centre, updating these systems requires taking them offline, which limits user access during the upgrade process.

With PureCloud,we continually push new code into our production PureCloud system. If a small defect is detected, we simply fix it immediately and push out new versions of the affected services.

Our distributed architecture allows us to release rolling updates without taking the entire system down for maintenance.

The independence of microservices and our extensive automated testing and build promotion process allows Genesys to push out bug fixes without the fear of inadvertently breaking something else. What’s more, Genesys can create microservices for new features without impacting existing services.

Updates occur while millions of customers are actively using PureCloud. you can focus on how to use the new features and functionlity to enhance your customer's experience.

What our customers are saying

More than 11,000 companies in over 100 countries trust Genesys customer experience solutions to orchestrate seamless omnichannel customer journeys and build lasting relationships.

The PureCloud cloud solution has changed the game for us. The constant development and update of features and functionality has enabled us to deliver to our customers.”

Stephen Abercrombie, Operations Manager
Westpac New Zealand

We have to ensure our teams follow correct process and give the most accurate information and best advice every time. That’s a lot easier now we have intelligent routing, call recording and workforce planning in the same solution.”

Melissa Simpson, Chief Customer Officer
Feros Care, Australia

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