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Transform your Contact Center with Mobile-First Customer Experiences

Today’s empowered customers—the digital natives—increasingly expect, and even demand, to have things their way. Oracle Live Experience Cloud helps you proactively engage customers at key moments of their individual journey, with meaningful mobile and web in-app experiences that improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Oracle Live Experience Capabilities

In-app engagement

HD voice, HD Video, screen share, Annotation

Personalised Engagement

engage based on context, history,business priorities

Intelligent routing

route based on customer history, associate skills and priority assignment

Benefits to the contact centre

Reduce abandonment

Increase conversions

Upselling and cross-selling

Modern Experiences

Innovative businesses in every industry are using automation, intelligence, and multichannel communications to streamline interactions, improve communication and collaboration, improve customer satisfaction, and drive sales

Banking Services

A bank takes advantage of a mobile app with contextual communications to improve client experiences and increase customer retention. A client with a question clicks “live assistance” on the mobile banking app and is immediately connected to an associate who has instant access to the client’s account information. The associate promptly answers the question and receives a pop-up notification indicating the client has an unusually high balance in her low-interest companion savings account. The associate convinces the customer to open a certificate of deposit that offers a higher interest rate,securing the customer’s funds for an extended period of time.

Insurance Claims

You are in a minor car crash with another vehicle.

While at the scene of the accident, you launch your insurance company’s mobile app and locate the “Report an Accident” link. A button appears for speaking to an insurance claim adjuster. You press the button and speak to a claims adjuster directly.

The adjuster knows who you are and has access to your account information. You describe the accident. The adjuster asks you to video-record your vehicle’s identification number and the extent of the damage. The adjuster offers to forward your recorded video to approved repair shops in the area. Based on your tone, a post accident specialist follows up a day later to offer comfort and assistance.

78 percent of surveyed consumers felt that having a claims process that minimized giving routine information and accurately captured the relevant information with video enhanced their overall experience.

71 percent of consumers we asked also felt comfortable with this scenario. In this situation, there is no confidential information being shared that is not already available.

Reporting Fraud

You logged on to your bank’s mobile app to review your credit-card balance. It seemed much higher than you expected, and you notice some unusual charges.

You find the “report fraudulent activity” button in the app, and press it. A high-definition voice connection is immediately established between you and a fraud consultant at the bank. The application uses your mobile device camera and facial recognition technology to verify you are the account owner.

The consultant knows your account information and promises to help you reverse the fraudulent charges. The consultant asks if you are willing to share your screen, so that the consultant can make sure that correct charges are identified. You agree. The consultant confirms which charges are fraudulent as you scroll through your online statement. The consultant reverses the charges and tells you about new fraud alert service the bank offers.

74 percent of surveyed consumers felt that their experience was enhanced in the presented scenario about reporting credit-card fraud. They likely felt confident that their issue was satisfactorily handled, due to the personalized interaction. 61 percent of consumers we asked felt comfortable with the situation as it was presented


A cable television provider uses automated troubleshooting and live support to streamline customer service. A customer logs onto the provider’s support page to resolve a video quality issue. A chatbot gathers some basic information from the subscriber and initiates set top box diagnostics. If the diagnostics do not resolve the issue, the customer is automatically connected to a live customer service associate who can view the chatbot session log and other relevant subscriber data to resolve the issue. The solution helps the provider improve customer service and reduce subscriber churn, while optimizing associate productivity.

Travel and Hospitality

A hotel chain offers a mobile app with integral, contextual communications. Guests can interact with a live associate to book or modify reservations quickly and easily, without relaying or repeating information. All relevant account and reservation data is automatically conveyed to the associate at set up. The associate provides a personalized and meaningful greeting “Good morning Ms. Johnson. I see you have a reservation at our Manhattan property this afternoon, how can I help you?” The app helps the hotel chain boost customer satisfaction and stand out from the competition.


An online wine store offers a live sommelier service to assist premium club members. Customers can interact with a sommelier via video, voice or text chat directly from the retailer’s storefront or mobile app. The sommelier can view the customer’s past purchases and preferences, answer questions, and make expert recommendations, helping the wine site improve customer loyalty and increase conversions and upselling.


 You recently signed up for internet service in your home from a cable operator. You opted to have the wireless router mailed to you, so that you could set it up yourself. It is more confusing then you thought it would be.

On your smartphone, you log onto the cable operator’s website for help. After not finding configuration instructions, you press the button “Chat with a service representative”; a chat window pops up. After you answer some preliminary questions from a chatbot, it offers to connect you with live technical assistance. You choose the assistance and an HD voice call is initiated.

When the technician receives the incoming call, they read the chatbot transcript and offer to walk you through the installation process. The technician asks to access your camera to see if the wires are connected correctly. The technician then asks to see your screen to help optimize your Wi-Fi router settings.

77 percent of surveyed consumers felt that the scenario was enhanced with modern engagement capabilities presented. Allowing for seamless transition from one channel to other gives customers a better overall experience. Being able to use the camera and screen-sharing help to ensure that the issue is resolved correctly in this interaction. 68 percent of the consumers we asked felt generally comfortable with the presented scenario.

Virtual Doctor's Visit

You develop a skin rash and want to know if it is serious and needs to be treated by a doctor or if it will resolve on its own. Hospital visits can be time-consuming, and skin rashes do not normally constitute an emergency.

You click the button on your doctor’s app to speak with a medical professional. A high-definition voice call begins. You describe the rash but the nurse wants to take a look before recommending treatment. You give the nurse permission to turn on your mobile device’s camera. The nurse would like a second opinion and shares the screen with a doctor.

The doctor joins the call and they both evaluate the rash. The nurse can use annotations to highlight the rash on your arm. The entire session is recorded to be included in your medical file.

When presented with a healthcare scenario enabled with modern engagement capabilities, 72 percent of surveyed consumers overwhelmingly felt that their experiences were enhanced. Confidentiality did not seem to be a limiting factor, because 64 percent of surveyed consumers were comfortable overall with the interaction as it was presented.

Corporate IT

An enterprise IT organization adds live communications to its help desk website to streamline troubleshooting and improve support. An employee logs on to the site to resolve an issue with a purchasing application. After entering some background information on the issue the employee is automatically directed to an IT expert who specializes in the purchasing app. The expert shares her screen with the employee, helping him quickly resolve the issue. The solution boosts worker productivity and satisfaction, while increasing IT staff efficiency.

Oracle Live Experience Cloud can help your company engage with your customers better, no matter what your industry.

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